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We must courageously drive out foreign retailers – John Kumah

Comment: Retailing of Foreigners in Ghana

Kwao in Gaborone
2018-07-31 07:19:55
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We must courageously drive out foreign retailers

I'm constrained to add my voice to the current debate regarding foreigners engaging in retail trading in Ghana. Mr John Kumah has hit the nail right on the head. Every country has its own laws and which laws must be enforced to the letter. A country that tries to ignore its own laws is heading for chaos and anarchy. For me I don't think the Nigerians legally living and doing genuine business in Ghana should be bordered. The directive is not targeting them, it's targeting ALL FOREIGNERS doing RETAIL & PETTY TRADING RESERVED FOR LOCALS, period! If you're an investor and you've invested in our country, why will you complain? You find that most of these foreigners are living in the country illegally, some without passports and no fix address, engaging in buying and selling. Which country will tolerate this! No wonder armed robbery cases are on the rise. Let's not hide under ECOWAS protocol to abuse the laws governing our country.
I live in Botswana (where the laws work, anyway). Botswana is a member of Southern African Devt Community (SADC). But it has it's own laws. NO FOREIGNER is allowed to engage in business reserved for locals. THE LAW IS VERY CLEAR! The country opens its doors for genuine investors to come and invest there. But you won't find foreigners selling in the streets or in a kiosk in front of his house. You'll be arrested promptly and send to court for flouting the laws of the country. And you won't find genuine foreign Business men/women in that country from Zimbabweans, South Africans, Zambians, Kenyans, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Angolans,etc crying and calling the government names for enforcing their laws. I encourage the govt. of Ghana to go ahead and enforce the law. We welcome foreign investors who will come and establish industries to create jobs for our people. Ghana does not welcome illegal immigrants(no matter where you're coming from) to come and start doing business reserved for locals. Whether you pay tax or not, that's not the issue. Our neighbours have taken us for a ride for a long time, just because we fail to enforce our laws. This is the time. This is not xenophobic; it's seeking our interest first.I rest my case.

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Retailing of Foreigners in Ghana
Kwao in Gaborone
07-31 07:19