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We must courageously drive out foreign retailers – John Kumah

Comment: Numbers game not stupidity

Think before you talk Ogyam!
2018-07-31 01:38:55
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Re: We must courageously drive out foreign retaile

Sometimes i can't fathom how some people get to some positions. How could someone think this evil and not worry about future repercussions to Ghanaians abroad.
Perfect example is the USA, they welcome entrepreneurs to boast middle income business activities. Only difference is USA has a system in place to tax these law abiding entrepreneurs.
Ghana on the other hand do not have any system to track and tax these industrious individuals, hence any animal will suggest erroneous ideas to tarnish the image of Ghana.
This guy should give me a perfect example of Countries denying foreigners from opening business. Travel and see was compose not for the faint hearted. Think before you suggest future harm and shame.

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07-30 14:10
Numbers game not stupidity
Think before you talk Ogyam!
07-31 01:38