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Parliament approves deal to trade Ghana’s bauxite for Chinese-funded roads

Comment: Loans quandered by corrupt engineers

Charles Agbenu
2018-07-29 09:12:31
Comment to:
Parliament approves deal to trade Ghana’s bauxit

Akufo Ado, you are going to take loans for roads. Do you trust the engineers at Ministry of Roads and the Feeder Highways and Urban officers. They stink. the engineers do bad work and same as Ministry of Roads, They spoil our money. Bad corrupt people are there. They take bribes in millions.

The quality of Ghana roads must be of importance. As Govt does them, we go back 2 years later to redo and redo what has been done. Always at one place. Stagnation all over. Check the supervisors. They are bad and corrupt. The ordinary man is suffering from their iniquities. The engineers at Urban roads Highways are corrupt. The laboratory engineers are bad. The feeder roads engineers do bad work. They certify very bad work as good work and pay contractors and take their kickbacks.
The road from Ayi Mensah to Ashiyie is now bad after only 3 years full of potholes ; potwells and potmanholes . Ebeii, a road Mahama did only 3 years ago . Ghana wastes money too much. The people must show some outrage. Chiefs must protest.
Let's march to the offices of Urban Highways to protest. Also the feeder roads office.
Also the District engineers.
Sanction the corrupt engineers and valuers there. The Eastern Corridor work by Kanazoe has to be redone. The Assin Fosu rd is bad. The road behind Achimota New station is bad. Also the Ashalley Botwe road is terrible. Asokore Manpong road and Asawasi roads are going bad. What ??? Shiee! huge money to waste. Where are the supervisors? Where is the money to redo them? Sanction the engineers who oversaw the bad works. Castrate them. Put Anas to work on them. Special Prosecutor must ask questions. They are sikadie sikadie people. Castrate the corrupt engineers. The loan will go to the Teshie drains, squandered because the Urban Highways will do bad work for Ghana.

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07-29 03:29
Loans quandered by corrupt engineers
Charles Agbenu
07-29 09:12