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I need more prayers – Akufo-Addo tells clergy

Comment: Seek God First Mr President

George Augustus
2018-07-23 12:47:19
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I need more prayers – Nana Addo tells clergy

It's very unfortunate and pathetic for our nation Ghana when elders and leaders pray for a ruling president or the government should fall or fail for the sake of power it is written pray even for your enemies wish them well with all your Heart and your God in Heaven will make you succeed in aboundance , I will never wish a government or any president of party to fail or fall because any failure in governance affects the nation and its people the same way it's inappropriate for any president to rule the nation Ghana with family and friends and expect to do better, nation building it's not personal but an all inclusive bringing every Ghanaian citizen on board listening to alternative solutions yes is our duty to pray for our nation but Mr President Ghanaians can not pray whilst the government and its officials of all sectors have misappropriated the state funds in the tune of U$ 892 million dollars only in the year ( 2017 ) not quite sure if the amount is in dollars or Cedis , how can your people pray are the citizens of Ghana not being taken for granted? Mr President ? Prayer is an individual conversation with God as a fellow have rightly said as a leader of the nation Ghana pray from your HEART seek the face of the the lord Jesus Christ ask for God's guidance and direction the people of Ghana will surely do thier part in prayer and you don't forget you are the president of Ghana not Npp have my prayer Mr President God bless Ghana long live Ghana

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07-23 07:07
Seek God First Mr President
George Augustus
07-23 12:47