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I need more prayers – Akufo-Addo tells clergy

Comment: Prayer

Nambie Abass Dickens Dinggetoh
2018-07-23 11:03:56
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I need more prayers – Nana Addo tells clergy

For me, our issue is not about prayers. Since independently Ghanaians have prayed fervent for a betterment of their socio-politico-economic conditions under several governments. What have we seen after all, failures by successive governments. Partisanship, thievery, abuse of power and incumbency, mismanagement, red tapes and nepotism.

To salvage these menace, we need serious and thinking leaders, patriotic statements, and a concordance democracy as the final arm of government to arrest the menace.

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07-23 07:07
Nambie Abass Dickens Dinggetoh
07-23 11:03