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Akufo-Addo delivering hell – Ato Forson


2018-07-17 13:51:01
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Akufo-Addo delivering hell – Ato Forson
The hell he is talking about is the fortunes of the NDC party which is dwindling much faster than a rock dropped from the skies. The uselessness of the NDC is continually being exposed and it's a hellish place for them to be in. Forson should understand Ghanaians know their limitations in terms of governing and developing a country, and made the right choice inspite of the machinations to truncate the excellent program and intelligence needed to grow and develop this country, for all including himself.
It is not by force that Ghana and Ghanaians should have the NDC party that cannot grow and develop this country leading us and they should chill and let this country develop because that dance of 5 steps forward 10 steps back, they have been bequeathing to Ghana and Ghanaians anytime, they rig their way into office is not helping anybody.
Ghana is very serious about developing and they must understand that clearly because, for example, 60 years after independence, without a national ID card, which they have rejected shows, they are not a responsible political organization ready for the big task of growing and developing a country.
And Ghana and Ghanaians cannot waste time of such a party. This country is moving forward and Forson and his party must embrace the forward movement of Ghana and take lessons so should they ever come to power again, they will be bale to maintain the momentum instead of dragging Ghana and Africa back.

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