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Ghana National Cathedral plan sparks unholy row

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2018-07-17 09:01:32
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Ghana national cathedral plan sparks unholy row

I don't get it, national cathedral for what, if we are having an interdenominational service we have avenues like black star square, international conference centre and other places, this is not a need, sometimes I wonder how our end time leaders think, what about the Moslems don't they also need a national mosque, you are creating new regions, you have not finished, now national cathedral, can't leaders have mercy on the poor tax payer this national cathedral is a complete waste if time and resources, with the likes of this illiterate bempah, ha all these one man church leaders are going to gain from it , what has religion even brought to this nation?l lies, deceit pride and theft, that is all what is going on especially in our churches, May God almighty have mercy on this nation

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no need
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