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Ghana National Cathedral plan sparks unholy row

Comment: Who Says The Anti Christ Is Asleep?

2018-07-17 08:46:38
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Ghana national cathedral plan sparks unholy row

I dare the Christian Council to start work immediately so we can see what the demon Kwabena domfeh can do. Who is Kwabena domfeh to stand in the way of God’s project? I blame the Christian Council for chicken themselves for such stupids fools to stall the project. Please start and let anyone come to stop you and let’s see. Mahama was still a President even though his presidency was being challenged in court. Who doesn’t know that the National demonic council isn’t behind these stupid niikoi djanie or whoever he calls himself and Kwabena domfe? Has ndc done anything good for this nation before? Massa spare us the excuses if you can’t build The Temple.

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07-17 06:28
Who Says The Anti Christ Is Asleep?
07-17 08:46