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Ghana National Cathedral plan sparks unholy row

Comment: Stupid, wasteful, NEEDLESS project.

2018-07-17 08:28:44
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Ghana national cathedral plan sparks unholy row

I am NPP to the bone but I will be sad if Nana gets involved in this thing. Already there are toooooooooo many church building projects in Accra. If the government could gather courage to tax churches there will be a REDUCTION in taxes across board.
If a government were to convert half of the church building projects in Ghana to schools, there would be no school infrastructural shortage in the country.

This is the courage we are looking for. Pandering to the most elitist and corrupt body such as the the church leadership will be sad beyond grief.

Otabil, Duncan Williams, Heward Mills, Obinim, Prophet one, etc. are wealthy beyond the political class who are so readily vilified.
The salaries of these so-called men of God will shock you to the marrow.
There are enough Duncan Williams billboards to pay for many clinics.

Most importantly, church isn't as loved and as popular as we think because they have been the greatest tools of exploitation of the black race.

Nana please don't go there.

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07-17 06:28
Stupid, wasteful, NEEDLESS project.
07-17 08:28