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Ghana National Cathedral plan sparks unholy row

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Kwadjoe- USA
2018-07-17 08:18:44
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The government has no responsibility to build houses for people to live in. Housing development should be left to the private sector with government backed mortgages. The attitude of Ghanaians towards use of government properties is very horrible. For this reason, the private sector can do a better job to develop residential neighborhoods and then sell them with establishment of management companies such as home owners associations to ensure that the neighborhoods are kept safe and tidy at all times. For instance, the government developed beautiful neighborhoods in Tema with street lights, pavements, paved roads, parks, among others. Today, visit Tema and you will be shocked. A beautiful city which looked like any European city in the 1970s has now been turned into a ghetto. I felt very privileged to grow up in Tema but now I don't find the place enviable anymore. A private investor will always protect its capital through appropriate and better management strategies.

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07-17 06:28
Re: Cathedral
Kwadjoe- USA
07-17 08:18