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Many Ghanaians are losing hope in Akufo-Addo – Manasseh Azure

Comment: Foolish Loyalty to Party Kills

2018-07-15 17:46:54
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Many Ghanaians are losing hope in Akufo-Addo – M

It is normal to have and be loyal to a political party, to pay dues to the party, participate in organising rallies and campaign for votes for your party. That is loyalty to party. It is foolishness, indeed, idiocy, to be blind to all flaws, faults, mistakes, and reckless behaviour of the government of your party. Worse so, to consider critics of the government of your party as enemies; particularly those whose criticisms of your political opponents helped in bringing your party to power. This is the same Manasseh Azure who exposed some of the obscene corrupt acts of the Mahama-government, and provided the then opposition party, the NPP, the ammunition to cast that government as the most corrupt in Ghana. Should you bite the hand that fed you? Manasseh is now a Bukinabe, because he is from Bongo in the UER, just because he is pointing to the very things that he criticised the Mahama-government for that the government of your party is repeating. Eh, Ghanaian party-loyalist! They are so naive and gullible they cannot even begin to see beyond their noses that their cherished leader is repeating similar acts of bad governance that made the politically sophisticated electorates of Ghana to kick Mahama's government out. Manasseh is spot on: Ghanaians are seeing the same display of opulence and arrogance of their leaders during the era of Mahaha in the era of Nana, while they struggle to get bread and butter. They voted for Nana and got back Mahama. Manasseh will not keep quiet, I can bet my last cedi on that.

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Foolish Loyalty to Party Kills
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