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'Clearing agent' Akufo-Addo shown zilch for borrowing – Apaak

Comment: North had free tuition, were they lazy?

2018-07-16 01:41:11
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Lazy man

So when our brothers and sisters in the North were offered free education all these while, are you implying they were all lazy?

People who are not discerning would hardly appreciate FREE SHS. Nana Addo's govt does NOT talk development, but rather does it. If insults could develop a country, Ghana would be compared to no other country under NDC, the gang which had ruled this country the most since Abrofo left our business for us.

This Apaak guy boasts of PhD, but what tangible research or discovery has he put out there for Ghana's benefit? When teenage beneficiaries of free SHS have started using cassava to produce electricity, Apaak is throwing insults with his PhD credential.
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07-15 15:29
North had free tuition, were they lazy?
07-16 01:41