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Ghanaians will back Government’s revenue-raising plans – Oppong Nkrumah

Comment: Re:ghanain will back revenue mobilasatio

Cetezen vigilenty
2018-07-14 21:55:36
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Re: Ghanaians will back Government’s revenue-raisi

Ntiamoah, i can see that some are extrat ghanain to the exctend that we can t reason enough to see the corruption, nepotism in this goverment that has never hapen in Ghana the way its hapen by the way i think u had a prof on corrupt Mahama appointee on which ur messing things alleging u r investigating the then contrat by conceling all Cocoa road and big infrustructure investement that help the cetezenry to come back and said u havnt see anything but mind u the same poeple that u have deceive by lie u can not rule them by the same lie coz ure in power.

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07-14 20:35
Re:ghanain will back revenue mobilasatio
Cetezen vigilenty
07-14 21:55