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Akufo-Addo recounts bumpy experience on Eastern corridor road

Comment: Over diasppointed

2018-07-13 07:32:57
Comment to:

We voted for him believing he was the person who will deliver this country out of the woods.

He is doing exact opposite.

Misplaced priorities.

He is now a clearing house for all corrupt officials.

All sorts of corrupt high and low are taking place under his watch and he is helpless and his much touted manifesto to fight corruption is now a mirage.

Kenli GVG- Nobody knows the directors of this company.

After having gone through the various stages of procurement.

The NIA registeration the budget has been bloated 10 times over yet he pretends he is not aware of the ongoing.

Stealing is everywhere like nobodies business.

What is wrong with the blackman.

I tell you if we can get 10 Israelis to rule over this country they will turn this horrible status quo into a land flowing with milk and Honey.

The black man is wicked, sick and rapacious.

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07-13 05:45
Over diasppointed
07-13 07:32