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I couldn’t sleep on terrible Eastern Corridor road – Akufo Addo to Mahama

Comment: I couldn't sleep on.....

Auntie Baby
2018-07-12 14:35:40
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I couldn’t sleep on terrible Eastern Corridor ro

It looks like all Akufo-Addo does is talk. We are tired and suffering. We didn't vote for you to talk , we voted for you to work so please do so. We are suffering because your talk is not improving our lives. YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE VOTED OUT IN 2020. We have learned a bitter lesson for voting for you. I am one of the floating voters who voted for you and I will not do it AGAIN.

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07-12 10:49
ST GHFUO: is this the best you can do
07-12 14:17
I couldn't sleep on.....
Auntie Baby
07-12 14:35