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I’m not disenfranchising Voltarians – Akufo-Addo

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2018-07-12 02:56:24
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I’m not disenfranchising Voltarians – Akufo-Ad

If you are not disenfranchising them then what are you doing to them? Do you want to de-ghanaian them. Why should you transfer the B&D bosses without replacement. Why should there be no registration going on in this department in the Volta Region? If your intention is to use the Ghana card as a base for voter registration then you better think twice about what you are doing. You cannot be in government forever and you will not live forever. Don't create any problem for us now and the generations to come after us. Look at what happened in Côte de Voire and what is happening in Togo. If you have something to learn then learn it from what is happening in Togo where you say you are mediating between the government and the opposition parties.

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Re: I’m not disenfranchising Voltarians – Akufo-Ad
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