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Vice President Bawumia to serve on UN Board

Comment: Re: BIG DEAL!!!!!!!

Ali. Toronto
2018-07-09 17:00:11
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BIG DEAL!!!!!!!

By the way, is Bawumia a member of the standing Board or he only hijacked participation in a two-day session of the standing board?

Did the board aske for a suitable rep from Ghana or they requested Bawumia by name? Please tell us, Jackie Taller Braineous Bawumia.

As a bureaucrat I have been a national rep to a standing UN Committee's 5-day session. These events are quite technical and require expertise. This was an opportunity for some bureaucrat to go enjoy New York for a day or two, and selfish Bawumia literally grabbed it!

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07-09 15:02
Re: BIG DEAL!!!!!!!
Ali. Toronto
07-09 17:00