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Government sets up award scheme for chiefs - Djamazi

Comment: We Lack Common Sense and Leadership

2018-07-07 07:04:05
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Government sets up awards scheme for chiefs - Djam

There is too much stupidity in the public life of our country and all is because the Educated Ghanaian never studied any virtue in any of the institutions they studied. The educated Ghanaian just walked in and read all the books written by the colonial masters, which main focus was on Exploitation and walked out as engineers of Corruption.
How do you give LAND the most important ASSET nations had fought wars to acquire into the Hands of traditional rulers? Excuse me to say most of them do not know the full constituents of land because they never learned these importance. These are people ever since they became chiefs and queen mothers, have not known that the Nation will prosper and fail if they do not take good care of our lands. These are people who sit at their palaces and sell land without any rule.
Which country in the world that have land guards? Which country in the world could they sell the same parcel of land to three to four people at the same time? What laws do we have on land?
We live in a country we ALL know the problems but we Lack leadership to solve them. Every turn of the way you meet people in positions who really don’t know why they occupy those positions. Useless institutions, useless leaders so where do we go? There is no future for our children. So the traditional rulers cannot be compelled to stop the stupidity of giving their land for Galamsey we have to coerce them with awards?

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07-07 07:04
We Lack Common Sense and Leadership
07-07 07:04