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Voting local leaders in Ghana is long overdue - Hajia Alima Mahama

Comment: Amend the Constitution, NOW!

StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2018-06-26 03:25:34
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Bad English!!

Open Drains N Happy Mosquitoes: We don't need ur help to institute gay laws. We need your help in addressing malaria and urban planning. Look at our major cities riddled with open sewage, open defecation, no man holes, mosquitoes breeding everywhere. A highly diseased population is not conducive to frequent employment and increases student absenteeism. Our productivity is also hijacked. We need vertical and horizontal streets, numbered bldgs, postal codes for each constituency this will facilitate rapid commerce, efficiency and increase the nation's revenue and gdp. Why don't you propose to help us with these? The average Gh refuses to update their thinking. Stubborn Fool. Authors come out with new editions to their books. Bill Gates updates software every 2 yrs. Tech gadgets and cellphones are obsolete after 6mths. A new car model is rolled out every year, but the mindset of the average Gh is stagnant. Just like everything. From drains, choked gutters, malaria, infrastructure development, factories etc...

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06-26 02:35
Amend the Constitution, NOW!
StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
06-26 03:25