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Africans must have a ‘can-do mindset’ – Bawumia

Comment: Dr.Bawumia- great son of The Continent.

C.Stephen Sackey
2018-08-09 19:22:21
Comment to:
Africans must have a ‘can-do mindset’ – Bawu

What a great speech by a great son of The Continent.
And,I believe it wholeheartedly.
For....I believe in my heart of hearts that The Continent would get it done.
We're no different from all the others

But quick question.

How do the the President,members of his cabinet,those who have security clearances and members of Parliament communicate?

Is it through a protected and secured communication network?
And,are their phones encrypted?

Folks I am not being oversensitive and don't have any persecutory mania in my bone.
But if anyone- especially governments of emerging nations- knows how the hounds haunt these days-in the age of cyber security- there would be extra careful how they communicate among themselves and the world around them.

But,again knowing how sharp the government of H.E NADA-A and his government is I may just be blowing hot air and maybe a bit paranoid.

Nonetheless,a great speech by H.E Alhaji, Dr.Bawumia.

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06-22 09:22
Dr.Bawumia- great son of The Continent.
C.Stephen Sackey
08-09 19:22