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Plot against Akufo-Addo, Deputy Chief-of-Staff unveiled

Comment: Nana Addict is too corrupt

Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz.
2018-06-18 20:12:23
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These NPP animals are confused. Why would NDC bother themselves in Nana Addict corruption case? Even a six year old illiterate girl knows Nana is very corrupt. Nyantakyi said he in his pocket. Many people say he was bragging. To prove the veracity, the investigation should be handed to Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor. I believe Martin Amidu office was set up to investigate corruption. The are stories of money laundering etc..Nana cannot put the niece Mamee Atiwa Forrest Akuffo Addo in the CID office to cover corruption for him. Nana also took some 10% in that KvnG contract and it is being covered up for him by his ex girlfriend Insults Owusu. How about the ghc20,000 being collected by Abu Jinapor? Nana is a kleptomaniac, that he has the magnetic hand to steal.

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06-18 15:35
Nana Addict is too corrupt
Nana Kuffuor. Abeka. La Paz.
06-18 20:12