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Plot against Akufo-Addo, Deputy Chief-of-Staff unveiled

Comment: the NDC people are treacherous

Nana Atakora Kantinka
2018-06-18 17:52:30
Comment to:
Plot against Akufo-Addo, Deputy Chief-of-Staff unv

Everybody knows that NDC with Mahama and his Group in particular, has been planning since they lost the election to destabilize NNP Government by cooking Fake News against the Nana and the NPP, and even going to extend of suggesting a possible coup detat. Nana and NPP, please beware of these people and do not give them chances at all because they are very treacherous. They do not have the country and the people at heart whose suffering were caused

as a result of the 19 +8 years of misrule of Rawlings and NDC. Nana please be vigilant and do not make things easy for them. Please do not waiste time but start legal procedings against those who have stolen the country´s money and never mind the noises which they will make against you because they are very good at that. I know many NDC people who have sent their Girlfriends to Europe especially to Germany with huge amount of money to seek Asylum. The German Authorities are surprised that such Asylum - seekers could be in the possession of such huge amount of money. Nana please start prosecuting these people because this is politics and do not have sympathy with them because they will finish you when they get the chance.

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06-18 15:35
the NDC people are treacherous
Nana Atakora Kantinka
06-18 17:52