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Okyehene, Asantehene union: 'I'm proud' - Gabby

Comment: Shine your Eyes

2018-06-17 17:43:51
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Okyehene, Asantehene union: 'I'm proud' - Gabby

This so called meeting or Union is deliberate and ocastrated to make the Akyem people also come to the limelight.this is to let the world hear about them and that they are ruling the country now. so it was a plan thing by Gabby and his cohorts to pitch the asantehene with the okyehene/Abuakwahene so that he(okyehene or the akyems would be captured by the media to make them popular to the outside world and for that matter Ghana
Because NOT everybody knows that the President, Nana Addo as Akyem
It was therefore a plan and deliberate comments that was made by Gabby which the Asantehene deemed annoying
Hey!!! Shine your eyes

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06-17 02:13
Shine your Eyes
06-17 17:43