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One million dollars for each constituency inadequate – Hawa Koomson

Comment: Myopic Ministers

2018-06-16 05:44:05
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One million dollars for each constituency inadequa

This Minister does not understand what the President wants for Ghanaians and I doubt very much if she will succeed in this venture. These 275 constituencies have done without any financial support specifically earmarked for the essential and basic needs since 1993. You are starting for the first time to launch this programme, why don’t you start with the little that you have?
Our politicians in Ghana alone have a way of perceiving national and community issues. Take for instance Sekyedomase they have only TWO public toilets so if you add one to them this year, their lives would change. Next year if possible they will get running water....,but in Ghana this woman would say” communities do without until we get a bigger amount of money” before we can do anything.
Get on with the little money now because any little change goes a long way to improve the living conditions of the rural folks and stop the archaic politics of yester years.

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Myopic Ministers
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