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'Karma is a bitch' - Ato Forson tells Bawumia as cedi depreciates

Comment: Fake government!!!

2018-06-16 00:03:41
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'Karma is a bitch' - Ato Forson tells Bawumia as c

So why couldn't kwaku kwarteng advice Bawomia to tell Ghanaians that the weak economic fundamentals couldn't be fixed overnight and that the depreciation under mahama's tenure would take some time to normalise. Instead, he watched Bawomia lied his way through as if it was something mahama could have controlled and wasn't. You see, sometimes our politicians goof and so we need to be honest and tell them when they goof. Bawomia goofed big time just for power. Now his economics is been called to question. This is the thing about npp that breaks my heart and the reason I will never vote for them. They think they are the only repository of knowledge and that everyone else is a fool. When you talk and behave like engels this is the end results you get. I have said it and will continue to say it that a much more heavier disgrace awaits this government in the not too distant future. Let's keep our fingers crossed

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06-15 12:42
Fake government!!!
06-16 00:03