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'Karma is a bitch' - Ato Forson tells Bawumia as cedi depreciates

Comment: Re: Crude oil never touched $70 under NDC

2018-06-15 15:42:27
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Crude oil never touched $70 under NDC

Most of the NDC fool soldiers on this forum and idiot Cassel Ato Forson need to take basic courses in real economics. So far as the cedi is pegged against the dollar in most transactions, the cedi will depreciate in response to fluctuations in the dollar. In the US, fuel, goods and services have been steadily climbing as oil prices continue to inch up and in some cases sharply. You pay more for less that is what it simply means and interest rates have just been increased by the Treasury another 1/4%. Cassel Ato Forson is either a fool or a liar if he does not know this information and privy to this trend and doing dirty politics, NDC politicians are fools and do not inspire any confidence.

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Re: Crude oil never touched $70 under NDC
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