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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowances; $132k for rent

Comment: Stealing by Politicians

2018-06-14 18:51:49
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These Akims! They’re out to drain Ghana

Mr. Appiah-Kubi, you have said it all. Unfortunately, who will be making and enforcing the anti-corruption laws and enforcing them; by putting people in jail? You guess right, the same corrupt politicians, hence, the stealing will never end in Ghana, until Ghanaians grow-up and stop their stupid NDC/NPP fights, unit as Ghanaians (not Gas, Ewes, Akans, Dagombas, etc. etc.) and really get a revolution going against the crooked politicians in the two parties and force them to stop stealing from Mother Ghana to that extent. I cannot believe Ghanaians can be that docile to allow these crooks in politics to collect rent allowance, car allowance, garden-boy allowance, etc. etc. For example, in the US and all the advanced (1st-World) countries do law makers (congress men/parliamentarians) get any allowance apart from their salaries; from which the pay for everything they want; from housing to cars? NO! Hence, why are Ghanaians allowing the legalized stealing of the politicians to continue?

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Stealing by Politicians
06-14 18:51