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GEPA Saga: Klenam blows GHC93k on clothing allowances; $132k for rent

Comment: "What About Those We Don'T Know?"

2018-06-14 17:38:06
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Oh no mother Ghana

Things are really ridiculous in Ghana. On one hand, all Ghanaian administrations are crying for lack of development; officials roam around the World BORROWING money from other countries and institutions like the IMF & the World Bank; teachers not paid, hospitals have no medicines; some schools conducted under Nim trees, our roads are perfect death traps and on and on and on and on!! Habba!!

Then on the other hand, we have a battalion of DO-NOTHING buffoons, claiming to be working for the people & country, but rather cheating the system to high Heavens with all these ridiculous "rent and clothing allowances, furnishings, travel allowances, Free vehicles, etc., etc., all from the “so-called POOR country."

Ghana is not a Socialist or Communist country and workers, government or in the private sector should pay for their own accommodations and clothes. WHY CONTINUE WITH MR. BOBO'S (WHITE MAN'S) colonial legacy? They were foreigners and were there to work for a few years and return to Europe and that’s' why they needed certain things like housing, drivers, garden boys, etc., etc, to help them stay for a few years and we still continue that with Ghanaian citizens? When will the damn Negro learn?

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"What About Those We Don'T Know?"
06-14 17:38