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President inaugurates 'Ghana Beyond Aid' charter committee

Comment: Akwasi Yebrea aagu

Kwasi Ajieen
2018-06-14 13:24:03
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President inaugurates 'Ghana Beyond Aid' charter c

Nana Addo is just wasting money for nothing, Look how much are you paying your ministers and state institutions CEO'S? Have you been able to fight corruption? If you can't fight CORRUPTION it means you're Dam corrupt, you always create and loot, NDC / NPP Criminals, Ghanaians shine your eyes and stop these political criminals, How will you save public purse knowing very well that you're not fighting CORRUPTION, with corruption forget about Ghana beyond AIDS ,are you okay?

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06-14 12:38
Akwasi Yebrea aagu
Kwasi Ajieen
06-14 13:24