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Asabea Asare appointed new GEPA Boss

Comment: Letter to Akuufo Addo

Kofi Ghana
2018-06-13 16:45:50
Comment to:
Asabea Asare appointed new GEPA Boss

Open Letter to Nana Akfuuo-Ado (President of the Republic of Ghana)

Dear Most Distinguished Mr. President Nana Akuffo-Ado:
I salute you your excellency.
Sir, I love Ghana...I love you Nana Akuffo-Ado very much as my [president, as our president, however, it SEEMS (superficially) there are way too many Akans in your administration. That is not fair. Ghana is for all of us, thus, the national cake must be enjoyed by all.
Just before anyone of you targets me as an "Ewe" or "Northener" I am neither. But he needs to appoint more other ethnicities to balance his government.
Thanks Nana.
Kofi Ghana

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06-12 11:37
Letter to Akuufo Addo
Kofi Ghana
06-13 16:45