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I was worried when opponents doubted me – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Our president must take Ghana seriously

attah mugabe
2018-06-09 17:41:55
Comment to:
I was worried when opponents doubted me – Akufo-

Yes the president is running around cutting sod to make ghanaian believed that he is working and doing good job and end of days nothing will happen nothing to show there be no roads there will be no works going ,the president is hurting and fooling us to believe they working for interest of the people and this the new wicked scheme they are using now to fool.people.the case in point they have talks a lot and double talks whole talks about projects and stupid wicked promises and yet our roads are terrible and lot of communities lack portable water clinic hospital our schools are in poor states jobs are hard to find the general state of this country needs to be rebuild and modenised with new active thinking and directions, and I think this president addo is not ready for the herculean tasked to rebuild Ghana,

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06-09 08:53
Our president must take Ghana seriously
attah mugabe
06-09 17:41