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Akufo-Addo goes on dismissal spree, sacks about 6 appointees

Comment: Are we serious?

2018-06-07 13:00:38
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Akufo-Addo goes on dismissal spree, sacks about 6

The most important things in these discoveries are being buried while we discuss the I material ones. Nyantakyi seemed more confident in everything he was saying. So let's assume the investors had agreed to give the $11m, would Nyantakyi dispense it as he promised or would keep all of it to himself? I see Nyantakyi was not bragging, he was telling what he can do, meaning our system is very weak. Let's imagine if Nana Addo had waited for this tape out before arresting Nyantakyi, how it would have been. The man acted quick safe himself

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06-07 01:42
Are we serious?
06-07 13:00