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Kumasi Airport phase II sod cutting ceremony ‘needless’ – Minority to government

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Maka a maka
2018-06-06 22:11:38
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Really, Pan African? Are you serious or is it some kind of joke? You claim that, "...had it not been for the Gold, Coco, (sic), Oil, Ghana would be much better off"? What would Ghana look like without these natural resources? Is it possible for any country to develop by relying solely on taxes? Or could Ghana develop by relying on keta school boys or on shea butter? Why are you trivialising the vital contributions these natural resources have made to Ghana's development? Is it because your region lacks any of these resources? Surely even the apparent little education you have was provided to you by the resources you seem to take for granted? "You talk plenty, all empty..."; you assert. Take note, that this assertion describes you perfectly, mister.

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06-06 18:20
Re: Bisa
Maka a maka
06-06 22:11