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Akufo-Addo government filled with family, girlfriends and baby mamas – Ayariga

Comment: An other Big fool

Owusu Agrampam-Mensah
2018-05-31 20:51:28
Comment to:
Akufo-Addo government filled with family, girlfrie

Ghana is full of stupity,Look at this stupid man Kwasiaa Tanii-abaa,where were you when your follow brother that thief called Mahama was in power,it was a that result that a fool like u has grown horns and has the gas to speak rubbish.silly people like u and Ken are making Ghana an unhappy country to claim as our own,look at ur face,u look like a fool,am that shameless Mahama has started using again,Kwasiiiaaaa u can be controlled to a point that whenever a wise person is talking u will cough to the end Tanii

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05-31 19:31
An other Big fool
Owusu Agrampam-Mensah
05-31 20:51