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Ghana’s growth must be consistent; not ‘zigzag’ – Ishmael Yamson

Comment: Traitors, hypocrites and liars

insight to the bone
2018-05-27 23:00:05
Comment to:

Kwasia Rawlings again comes out to display his stupidity for all to see.Psychopaths and sociopaths all have one thing in common and that is the lack of conscience or any true understanding of good or evil in their own acts. This mass murderer who even organized and instigated the murder of Atta Mills through his proxy Mahama now throws his accomplice in crime Mahama under the bus because today it suits him . The hypocritical pathological liar who systematically destroyed our economy and persecuted every prominent member of Akan families in an attempt to behead Akans of any sensible leadership is talking poisonous rubbish again. Any society or country that allows criminals to become pillars of society shouldn't be surprised when the moral and destiny of the country is in shambles and in the gutters . Forget reconciliation as he shows no remorse so doesn't need to be forgiven and let him answer for his crimes in a court of law . There can be no peace without justice . No progress without virtuous righteous people with the fear of God leading our people . We Akans are the chosen people and must now act to rid ourselves of such contaminators in our society . Asantehene promises him a million votes so the collaborationist together with Ibrahim Mahama loot billions from our economy and then talk shit from the highest offices of the land . What a tragic joke

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