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Four-year presidential term not enough – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Comment: Federal government now.

Jeffrey Daniels
2018-05-27 08:22:00
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I Cannot Imagine Mahama ...

Dr Lawrence Tetteh mean good for the nation Ghana, but what's he failed to understand is that the western world countries he mentioned non of them operates in central government systems. Or a 1992 constitution which allows corrupt government appointee to go free even when the person has been indicted, the only solution for Ghana is simple. ..1.Ghana should move to federal government systems whereby every region would take responsibility for their development.2.regional minister is replaced by governor appointed by regional elections. .3.the security services appoint their leaders ie. IGP. 4.ministers shouldn't be a member of parliament. 5.president detached from appointing institutional heads. 6.detached the legislature from the executives. If Ghana can sacrifice to put in place these simple stuff then why not 4yrs is far enough to govern.

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05-26 19:12
Federal government now.
Jeffrey Daniels
05-27 08:22