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Four-year presidential term not enough – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

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JH New York.
2018-05-27 03:42:23
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Four-year presidential term not enough – Dr. Law

I beg to differ on the extension of 4 - year Presidential Term. I made a Similar Comment on the Subject when former president Kuffour raised the topic back then.I think a Presidential hopeful should have his Plans for the Nation on Paper,if he's Serious to Lead before his Party goes to Congress,and should be Conversant or had Basic Office experience or practice( I don't mean an Academic Degrees in management), from any well established Company or Institution; both of the above as a first Step towards a proactive or effective admin.The aspirant has his Plans/ -Notes on Paper(what u want to change/ correct/add/or achieved by the end of term),etc.Now,based on the brief (inside story) if you're lucky to be considered by the electorate, you make adjustments to your Plans/ Notes.But what do we See!.Majority of persons want to be President for President Sake,or the Prestige that goes with it with no national agenda -Plans on paper, the Campaign is mostly loaded to be attractive enough to deceive the Electorate or the Public.Campaign Promises is made without how the proposed Project would be Funded,etc. So, they Mount the Throne with Scanty or No Basic Office Experience,No Plans on Paper or,just prepared after the Election was Won, etc.Therefore,the first year was like learning on the Job(Presidential apprentice),etc.For eg.You mentioned Rawlings. Someone, like Rawlings was not ready to be a Head of State at the time.I mean Zero Plans,etc.All the assertions by Dr(Prof) Lawrence Tetteh and those who think like him,is neither here nor there, in my personal opinion. Four- year Term is enough. To be Contd.

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05-26 19:12
Re: Four-year presidential term not enough – Dr. L
JH New York.
05-27 03:42