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Ghanaians will ‘contract’ Akufo-Addo until 2028 - Abronye DC

Comment: NPP and NDC parties, both STUPID

2018-05-26 11:58:48
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Ghanaians will ‘contract’ Akufo-Addo until 202

All that our lazy Ghanaian politicians are interested in is winning power then they go blank. We voted massively for Akuffo Addo and he is so disappointing. Perception of corruption and corruption to downright handling contracts ONLY to cronies has made this government even more disgusting, NDC is worse with a collection of CLOWNS coming together to form a party. Will Ghana truly move on? Akuffo Addo brags, talks big and there is nothing to show for. Lack of discipline on our streets coupled with filth makes a gov't like NPP very very STUPID!

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05-26 10:39
NPP and NDC parties, both STUPID
05-26 11:58