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Ghanaians will ‘contract’ Akufo-Addo until 2028 - Abronye DC

Comment: We get what we deserve

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-26 11:08:16
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Ghanaians will ‘contract’ Akufo-Addo until 202

Be careful of what you wish for because you might just live to see your wish come true. There was once a Ghana that was vibrant and full of life from its youth and adults with wisdom and foresight. Those days are gone and replaced by dummies and folks with unfathomable ignorance whose number have grown over the years of NPP and NDC dominance in our politics.
Any Ghanaian that sees half a nation suffering because of political affiliations, belief or tribal roots while the other half of the population live like bandits as a reason and basis for celebration surely deserves what will come to them when the tide of political victors change.
With me I can only pray Ghana never get to a place where other African nations went and have never recovered and will never recover or reconcile. My only warning to the NPP and NDC folks is that nothing is ever permanent and there's coming a day and time when someone and some party with takeover the Ghana ship and literally and figuratively run all NDC and NPP brainiacs out of Ghana on a one way ticket and never to return to our shores for raping and pillaging Ghana worse than the scramble for Africa by our colonial rulers ever did or could have done.
Slavery was evil because people were not free to think and or paid for their labour but a freed Ghana with leaders past and present full of hatred and with treasonous blood flowing through their veins have and continue to destroy Ghana because of their ideas and ideals built on tribal proclivities of superiority or heroes with presumed intelligence that are nothing but delusions cannot be excused.

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05-26 10:39
We get what we deserve
Abeeku Mensah
05-26 11:08