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Akufo-Addo’s bad governance making Mahama an angel – Bawa

Comment: Love your country

2018-05-23 16:57:50
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Yes its true

Why are people so selfish? After all the corruption and poverty that led some of our youth to do the unthinkable, you still want this guy and his corrupt team to come back into power? How low do you want drag Ghana? Doesn't it bother you when the western world degrade us due to our Leaders' greed? Do you think about the future generations to come or just yourselves? Am so ashamed of how some people think,. My goodness!!!! You guys just lie so you can be in power to steal for your selfish needs. Please think for a minute. Selfishness and greed will not take you anywhere. You may be dead and gone one day but you never know when you kids that you have sent to the slave master's country may have to come back to a dead country. Think about the future generations and stop being selfish

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05-23 07:33
Love your country
05-23 16:57