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Akufo-Addo will lose 2020 elections no matter his policies - Prophet Adu-Boahen

Comment: Fake Pastors

Sam K
2018-05-23 11:19:03
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Nana Addo will lose 2020 elections no matter his p

Is about time this so-called one man church pastors or prophet, whatever they call themselves shut their filthy good for nothing mouths and mind their dem business. Is it a new trend that Ghanaian pastors should only prophesied doom for others regardless of what they're doing? They should rather be good models at their money driven one man churches and preach life saving messages to their congregations, instead of poking their beaks into political affairs where it doesn't belong. Focus on life saving messages, fake pastors. Not long ago, this same fake pastors prophesied death for Ebony, and now this beautiful, talented individual is gone for good. I can't explain enough my disgust for this fake pastors. To hell with them all.

Love live president Akuffo Addo. Keep on doing the good job.

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Fake Pastors
Sam K
05-23 11:19
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