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Nana Addo’s ‘ghost projects’ claim dishonest – Mahama

Comment: NPP Projects

King Mondo
2018-05-22 09:48:25
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Nana Addo’s ‘ghost projects’ claim dishonest

Nana Addo and NPP are perplexed and disoriented. We are sorry for voting that way in 2016. Countries are built by infrastructural development first to ensure access for its citizens. If there are no good roads, no schools, no hospitals, no universities, no industries, etc how do you live as people? The free shs syndrome is a wrong priority at a wrong place. Poor families' children could have been given scholarship while rich families pay fees to help government as their contributions but because it is a campaign promise npp push this through and has hanged up other campaign promises. NPP may suffer severely in 2020 elections for being childish in governance.

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05-22 08:31
NPP Projects
King Mondo
05-22 09:48