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Ghana Beyond Aid laughable mirage - Prof Karikari

Comment: Scrapping Aids And Collect Loans???

James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
2018-05-23 15:59:14
Comment to:
Loan is not a gift

So which is better:
assuming you are poor and need money. Someone says, dude - hier I give you $1m free of chagre, no strings attached and yet another person says: I give you $1m, with 11% per annum for 7 years, plus a free mineral concession for all criminals who have left my country and settled in your country.

One thing you should also not forget: Ghana cannot simply survive (economically) without aid because the nation virtually lives on aid first and loans second. Think of Organizations like IOM, British Council, GTZ, USA Aid, Canada AID, EU and and and.

How do, you think, they sponsor their projects in Ghana: only through AID. Declaring that we do not need aid implies that all those organizations should pack out of Ghana

Which one will you take

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05-21 21:12
Scrapping Aids And Collect Loans???
James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
05-23 15:59