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Ghana Beyond Aid laughable mirage - Prof Karikari

Comment: BE REAL

2018-05-22 00:47:36
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Everything you typed was balderdash

8 yrs in gov for Mahama, 1st as vice president for 4years, what is the work of vice, by constitution he takes care of national economic mgmt, it tells that the 1st 4years it was the Good economy from Kufuor's era that help them and the petroleum discovery. If the NDC have a vision for the country the last 4 years it will come into reality, so what actually happen with Mahama only unprecedented physical infrastructure. Just 16 months Akuffo Addo gov have demonstrated his strategic vision for the nation. It tells you that if for instance, may God forbid Akuffo Addo is no more, Bawumia should continue the Good work of what NPP have started. Don't be a talkative do a good analysis, Ghana needs party with real vision, not just social democrats but no social intervention policies when in gov.

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