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NDC’s Sammy Gyamfi ‘bites’ Nana Addo over ‘ghost projects’ comment

Comment: A CITIZEN

2018-05-21 20:08:01
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I always find it difficult if I hear citizens complaints about spending money to develop this country.
However the same people struggle through thick and tin to access the same facility which is constructed abroad, could it be that we refuse to think as human been?
It would interest you to note, the same people in governance today of which some of them took advantage to educate themselves through the benevolence of our Cocoa farmers sweat could not find the wisdom of developing an ultramodern projects for this nation.
What do we see abroad? I believe your guest is as good as mine, proper road networks,better educational facilities,improved health services etc.
why can't we concentrate on developing this nation rather insulting every now and then.
The president of a sister nation is doing it, if we don't think, at least we can copy and follow the likes of Uganda's Paul Kagami.
The Economic indicators could not be the mark of development, When America and European started their development, there were nothing like economic indicator, as they grow and improve on their technology, they then started documenting critical success factors.
I believe we can do same by avoiding money cracy and focus on the development of the country GH.
Ghana must work again.

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