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Akufo-Addo must recall Ghana's envoy to Israel - MP

Comment: Akufo Addo must recall our High Commissi

2018-05-21 17:57:28
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See Mumu!

Some of these MP are either sick or they don't know the world History. What happened in 1967. During the 67 war Africa blindly followed the Palestinians supporting them financially and with other resources. After the war what happened? They increased fuel prices without any concession. This plundered us into financial mess which we are still struggling to overcome. For that matter do Arabs see us as humans. They don't respect a blackman. The Isrealites continue to support black Africa. Let them fight their war to the bitter end since they don't want to talk.

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05-21 07:03
Akufo Addo must recall our High Commissi
05-21 17:57