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Akufo-Addo must recall Ghana's envoy to Israel - MP

Comment: For what reason

2018-05-21 08:06:10
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Akufo-Addo must recall Ghana's envoy to Israel - M

Why should the ambassador be recalled because some lawless people sought to burn tyres, throw offensive weapons among others at the border because they are fighting for their cause using wrongful means. Nonsense, the Ambasssador is not the one telling Israel to defend themselves in that manner, and Ghana has not right to meddle in tbeir affairs just as the Saudi's and other Islamic countries behead and hang other nationals for drug trafficking, our nationals are sold as slaves in Islamic countries and we don't withdraw our ambassadors from there. He should tell government to withdraw our Ambasssadors from Islamic countries which perpetrate evil against African immigrants without documents.

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05-21 07:03
For what reason
05-21 08:06