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'My opponents will have no message by 2020' – President Akufo-Addo

Comment: Yes, vote for Mahama.

2018-05-20 01:25:56
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Re: Vote NPP for longterm development, 2020

Any country that is full of shallow-minded people is not easy to govern. Nana will not polish your shoes for you or clean your teeth every morning.

Vote for the dead goat and see your nation being decimated beyond recovery because Mahama had promised galamsey miners that he will allow them to dig and destroy our environment. If there is no water who cares and that is part of his message.

Also, Nana had paid 90% of DKM's debts which Mahama and his wife swindled most Ghanaians into believing that it was a credible micro financial company.

Some of can't see anything because Nana will not buy you cars and pay your rent for you as Mahama was doing with our hard earn revenue.

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05-19 19:04
Yes, vote for Mahama.
05-20 01:25