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'My opponents will have no message by 2020' – President Akufo-Addo

Comment: akuffu adwee 1 term president

StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
2018-05-20 00:55:48
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What about free jhs? We are tired of your secret machinations just like your fucking backstabbing traitor uncle. Because of his hatred for nkrumah, he allowed himself to be used and abused by Cia and foreign mercenaries to divulge inside information. He even tried to kill nkrumah, bombing little school kids omg. Aren't u ashamed talking about him? Even his own ppl in kibi refused to vote for him to lead them. If we don't take care u will legalise gay in Gh. No 2nd term for you. If u have anything to do. U better do it now

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05-19 19:04
akuffu adwee 1 term president
StGhfuo: is this the best you can do?
05-20 00:55