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'My opponents will have no message by 2020' – President Akufo-Addo

Comment: Ndc ll surely ve no message,never had

Alhaji Yussif
2018-05-19 23:39:06
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'My opponents will have no message by 2020' – Pr

Yes so far so good Mr president,we the good people of Ghana knows what education means,the ndc want to see more school dropouts on our streets so they can bus them and give them gh50.00 for their rallies,crowd rental is the game plan of the ndc.The ndc before elections claimed that everything free is bad whiles they were giving free houses and cars to people to vote for them and we that God Ghanaians took it but voted against JM,they also said Nana Addo lied to the BBC and when he granted them interview talking about free SHS,just because the president refused to tell them how much it was going to cost the state it meant that he was lying,now that free SHS is here the arguments have shifted to the one that,it’s only for first year students and very soon when it covers the whole students by 2019 we shall see what this ndc failures ll say.Ndc is the only political party that benefit from the ignorance of the people why they hate education,mr president Ghanaians thank you for your vision.

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05-19 19:04
Ndc ll surely ve no message,never had
Alhaji Yussif
05-19 23:39